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The 2016 Season is HERE!
NEW......... UPDATE!!!

The 2016 Season is complete!  Thank you for all your hard work!  Thank you for all you did to help get the work done and for being a part of the Miller Team.

Bonuses are usually distributed within 2 months after the season ends. The bonus is based on the amount Miller Detasseling receives from Monsonto.  Bonuses are based on outstanding work habits and attendance. 
Last year bonuses ranged from $25 - $100.  Examples - $25 dollars went to first year workers who had outstanding attendance and work habits and helped us to finish first pull.

Experienced workers (2nd year and above)that stayed and stripped until every field passed after first pull was completed earned $35 - $70

Main Stripping Crew/Derogers earned $75-$100 when they had great attendance and went above and beyond what they were asked to do. 

This is only an example.  It depends on how much bonus $ there is and how many employees earned a bonus.  

We are proud to note that we pay the highest starting wages and we gave returning workers a $1 raise from the previous year.  This bonus is a small token of our appreciation for those that went over and above with great attendance and work performance every day.  

The pick up times and locations are......
Sturgis Middle School - 7:00
Constantine Middle School Parking Lot - 6:45 

You should arrive before the pick up time.  The listed time is the departure time.

Please Check the"2016 Workers" yellow tab, on the left, to view employee list, ready to start work!!

Please Check the Terms of Employment tab, on the left for important information.

All employees must attend an orientation.  
Please bring a parent and your appropriate identification (see below)
Each employee needs to attend only 1 Meeting.  The meeting will last about an hour.

The following documents are needed:
Proof of Age and.....
Group A:  Certificated of U.S. Citizenship or Naturalization or A U.S. Passport OR  one EACH from Group B and C.
Group B: State Driver's License or ID Card, School ID with photograph.  Under age 16: School Record or Report Card; Clinic, Doctor or Hospital Record.
Group C:  Original Social Security Card.  Original or Certified Copy of Birth Certificate.  
You MUST have proof of Date of Birth.

65898 Knollwood dr
Sturgis MI 4