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2017 Workers
Terms of Employment

The 2017 Season is HERE!!!

Please Click On The 2017 Workers Tab Above To See If You Are On The Detasseling List. 

6/21/2017 This is a list of Derogers ONLY. 
Detasselers follow the directions above.  
Roguing starts Thursday, June 22nd.  Pick up 7:00am at Sturgis Middle School.  If you are interested in roging, but are not on the list you can call 651-7897 to see if there are openings.

Isaac Benites                          Steven Oldenburg                     
Jasmyne Butters                    David Orrostieta
Fredy Camacho                      Diego Paredes
Ashley Carrasco                     Aaron Pena
Deniss Gallegos                      Ivan Pena
Ezra Geroux                            Myra Perez
Paige Geroux                          Yonael Ramirez
Denise Gonzalez                     Adam Schwartz
Kassandra Gonzalez               Meghan Schwartz
Joshua Hendricks                   Jared Shotzman
Agustin Machuca                    Noah Thomas
Christopher Meija                    Darrion Thornburgh
Fernando Meija                        Angel Vazquez
Michael Morales                       Fernando Vazquez
Jeremy Munoz                        Cameron Williams
Alejandro Nieves                    Sa'vion Williams
Emmanuel Nieves

Attention! The Employee List has been updated.  If your name is not on it, you have not turned everything in.  Please call us to find out what you need.

Please read, below, Orientation Information and The Documents Needed.

Everyone that wants to work must attend a meeting even if you worked before. Please read the rest below for Orientation Information! This will explain everything you MUST bring to the meeting.

If you have not returned your application, bring it with you. If you have friends that want to work bring them along. 
If you don't have an application, you can get one at the meeting! 

Come check it out! Spots are filling up fast.

We are getting prepared for the 2017 season! Applications were sent out to employees from last year. Sign-Up Meeting dates will be announced soon. Applications are also available in the Sturgis Middle School Office/Mrs. Miller or at Sturgis High School from Mr. Miller or Mrs. Patrick in the Counseling office. Applications will soon be available at Constantine. You may also call us 269-651-7897.

The pick up times and locations are
Sturgis Middle School Parking Lot - 7:00
Constantine Middle School Parking Lot - 6:45 

You should arrive before the pick up time.  The listed time is the departure time.

Please Check the"2017 Workers" orange tab, on the top, to view the employee list, ready to start work!!

Please Check the Terms of Employment tab, on the left for important information.

All employees must attend an orientation.  
Please bring a parent and your appropriate identification (see below)
Each employee needs to attend only 1 Meeting.  The meeting will last about an hour.

The following documents are needed for orientation
Proof of Age and
Group A:  Certificated of U.S. Citizenship or Naturalization or A U.S. Passport OR  one EACH from Group B and C.
Group B: State Driver's License or ID Card, School ID with photograph.  Under age 16: School Record or Report Card; Clinic, Doctor or Hospital Record.
Group C:  Original Social Security Card.  Original or Certified Copy of Birth Certificate.  
You MUST have proof of Date of Birth.

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